Why a Mid-Week Wedding is Perfect For Your Big Day

Wondering about the benefits of a midweek wedding? Our guide has everything you need to know.

2020 was a tough year for brides and grooms. And it’s had a knock-on effect that means that even now that weddings are back on the menu, a lot of weekends are fully booked for the next few years. 

But what if you just can’t wait for another two years to celebrate your love, should you book a mid-week wedding? We are here to tell you that you should and you must! Holding your wedding in the middle of the week has many fantastic perks and can be a truly unique way to tie the knot.  

Reasons to book a weekday wedding. 

Give your guests an extra holiday

One of the main concerns that couples face when booking a wedding during the week is how their guests feel about it. People will need to take time off work and couples worry that if  their wedding is on a weekday, guests may feel put out and not even come at all. But let us tell you that whilst this fear is held by many, more often than not, people love a mid-week wedding. Turn your mid-week wedding into a positive by framing it as a mini-break. For your guests, this is the perfect opportunity to visit loved ones nearby or explore the local area, so include some suggestions for things to do in the area on your invite or your wedding website. 

Cost to you and your guests

This is an important one. We all know that weddings can be expensive, with the average UK wedding costing up to £30,000. But your wedding doesn’t need to cost the earth to feel special and unique and a mid-week wedding is a great way to cut down on costs. 

Many places, like our own gorgeous wedding venue in Cheshire, offer a discount on wedding packages during the week. You will find exactly the same quality service, exactly the same beautiful location and mouth-watering good food, at a great cost. 

Better still, should you wish to stay on location, an option that friends and family will love for it’s convenience, room rates are likely to be lower during the week. This is better for your guests, or for you, if you’re feeling generous. At our own wedding hotel in Cheshire, we have 53 comfortable and stylish bedrooms and we often offer great mid-week rates.

This translates into travel too. Rather than subjecting your guests to sky-high train fares and flights, holding your wedding during the week means that they might even pick up a bargain.

These savings to you and your guests are brilliant because it means that you can afford to relax and have the wedding you’ve always dreamed of. Splash out on a few luxury items for you, or treats and surprises for on the night; a photobooth, a sweets trolley, a few extra drinks for your guests or go wild with your decor. Or you may wish to keep your savings and put them toward a truly special honeymoon. 

Get your dream suppliers

Wedding suppliers are in demand and especially, the really great ones. It can be so disappointing to have settled on a date and then finally find a photographer that makes your heart sing, only to find that they’re fully booked. It’s a very real problem as couples race to book the best photographers, make-up artists, florists and hairdressers for their weekend weddings. 

By having your wedding on a quieter day, you may find that suppliers are easier to book. They will be unlikely to have any other bookings that day, so won’t need to race off for another appointment and might even be able to offer you a better rate for their services. 

Have the weekend for your mini-moon 

Your wedding is an important and special day and part of the fun is being able to spend time with your husband or wife the day after the wedding, debriefing on all the day’s excitement and magic. And what better way to do this than on a mini-moon. Whether it’s hopping in the car and finding a gorgeous coastal spot to enjoy or booking yourself into a luxury spa hotel in your area for a couple of nights, we guarantee that putting this time aside for the two of you will be a great decision. Particularly as many couples are so busy on the night of their wedding, this quality time together will really round off a truly special memory. 

By having your wedding in the middle of the week, you will have the weekend all to yourselves. This can be particularly fun if you’re booking a city break and want to take advantage of some of the great activities available on a weekend. If you absolutely must return to work right away after your wedding, then allowing yourselves this very special weekend to be together, will make your wedding complete. 

Don’t compromise on the time of year

Most couples prefer a spring or summer wedding for obvious reasons. And with many couples preferring to hold their ceremony outdoors like in our own tranquil courtyard setting, it can often mean that weekend dates over the summer are booked several years in advance. 

Holding your wedding during the week means that you’re not fighting for those crucial few weekends in summer where you might be lucky enough to get the sunshine. In fact, it opens up your options to five days a week, rather than just two, so if there’s a week you had your heart set on, you have more chances of bagging it.

Even for those who don’t want a summer wedding, there are always certain times of year that are more popular than others, Christmas is always a big one — for Christmas loving brides and grooms, getting married next to a big, brightly adorned fir-tree could be a dream come true. 

Likewise, your guests tend to be busier at these particular times of year with holidays and Christmas parties booking up weekends well in advance. A weekday wedding means that you can pick the week that suits you and your guests perfectly. 

Pick a date that means something to you

Whether it’s Valentine’s day, an anniversary or even Christmas Day! Annual events that fall on the same date each year might not fall on a weekend when you need them to. So if you want to get married on the anniversary of the day you met  but it falls on a weekday, simply make the most of it. 

By picking a date that means something to you, your wedding will be all the more special. It makes excellent fodder for speeches and you could even incorporate the date into your decor or use it as a logo on your stationery and wedding website. 

Your guests will love that the day holds even more romance and if a themed wedding is your thing, then this holds even more weight. A roaring twenties wedding on new years eve, a gothic romantic wedding on Halloween. Now that black wedding dress you always dreamed of can be a reality. 

Spend more time with your friends and family

I’m sure by now you will have heard people tell you that your wedding day will feel like a whirlwind and to enjoy the moment, because it will go by so fast! This is very true and often we hear couples say that the only thing they wish they could do differently about their day would be to have more time to spend with their loved ones. After all, if there are 80 people at your wedding, it’s difficult to spend time with them all within one day. 

By holding your wedding during the week, you can extend your celebrations, allowing you the time to catch-up with people you may not have seen for years. Your wedding is one of the few opportunities you’ll ever have to get all of your loved ones in the same place, so why not take advantage of it. Hold your wedding on a Monday and spend the weekend before planning fun things to do for those who want to join in. An intimate dinner, a romp through the countryside, or even a trip to Alton Towers could be on the menu. Better still, if you are all staying in the same hotel, it gives people the opportunity to have their own space, but also get to know one another. When the day of your wedding rolls around, everyone will know one another and the day will be even more full of laughter and excitement. 

The Manor House Hotel is a characterful yet stylish wedding venue in Cheshire that can accommodate entire wedding parties thanks to its 53 comfortable rooms, Stables bar and beautiful wedding spaces. We offer discounts on mid-week weddings and guarantee you the same special service you’d get on a weekend. Get in touch to chat with our wedding planner.

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