How To Pick The Perfect Wedding Venue

Looking for a venue that ticks all the boxes? Our guide to wedding venues in Cheshire can help you find your dream destination. 

If you’ve just gotten engaged, congratulations. Get ready for one of the most exciting days of your life. Picking a venue is just one important element of your wedding and here at The Manor House Hotel, we aim to make life easy for all of our beautiful brides and we wish everyone a memorable day, wherever they choose to host their wedding. 

We’ve put together our top tips on what to consider when you’re selecting your venue. And whether you’re looking for a wedding venue in Cheshire or further afield, these are still all important points to consider that we hope makes selecting your venue a breeze. 

Your guests

Your guest list is a great place to start in any wedding planning. Seeing all your loved ones down on paper will allow you to start to picture in your mind exactly what your day might look like. Can you see yourself on the dance floor, surrounded by everyone you know and love? Or is an intimate wedding venue with a sophisticated air more your thing? Booking a grand echoey hall might feel a little cold and empty if you’re only having 30 guests. Likewise, trying to squeeze 150  into a bijou restaurant might make your guests feel uncomfortable. 

A safe bet is to look for a venue with a few options. Here at the manor, we have a variety of spaces available, from an intimate private dining scenario at our Stables Restaurant, to a function hall that easily accommodates up to 200 guests. 

Another consideration is who your guests are? If you have elderly relatives, then ensuring your venue has diabled access is a good idea, and for those with little ones, then accommodation on site could make their lives a little easier. 

Ultimately, it is your day and you should pick the venue that makes your heart sing, but as your guests will play a huge part in making those special memories with you, they are useful to consider up front. 


Here in the UK, we don’t have the luxury of guaranteed sunshine. This can be cause for concern for some couples but ultimately, a spot of rain is unlikely to ruin your big day. We’ve seen many spectacular weddings held during a downpour, proving that whilst we can’t control the weather, we don’t let it stand in the way of a good time! 

An outdoor wedding venue can be a wonderful option, we often hold ceremonies in our secluded courtyard, complete with sparkling lights and the gentle sound of a babbling water feature. We understand that saying ‘I do’ outside, can be a truly magical experience. 

But if the weather is less than kind on the day, it’s good to have options, and many wedding venues will have the flexibility to move your ceremony indoors if it’s needed. The Manor is no exception, we like to give our brides and grooms the reassurance that their day will run without a hitch, come rain or shine.

A pro-tip is to assume the worst and plan a winter wedding. This way, you can select a cosy indoor wedding venue with accommodation on site so that your guests don’t need to travel far. This way everyone can forget about the weather and simply enjoy the celebration.  


You may not wish to have a particular theme, but many couples will select a colour that they may use for bridesmaid dresses, flowers and table decorations. If you’re struggling to pick your theme think about the following things:

  • The time of year– you may prefer to go for a warmer or darker palette in winter. Dusky pinks, forest green or rich reds. Whereas in summer you may prefer something a little brighter. Remember, this is simply a consideration and you should always pick a colour that you love. 
  • Your personality – Are you the sort of person that loves glitter and glitz? Perhaps you think of yourself as classic and elegant or maybe you prefer a rustic, natural vibe. 

Once you’ve given these two things some consideration, then look at venues that can reflect who you are or provide a neutral backdrop to put your stamp on it. 

Your personality may also be a factor in deciding what kind of atmosphere you’d like for your wedding. If you love a party then perhaps you’d opt for a big wedding with a killer DJ and a focus on the evening reception. If a wedding disco fills you with fear then you could pick something relaxed, informal and intimate, like a sit-down dinner dinner with the people you love best. Those are the extremes but there are plenty of middle ground options and a good venue will try to accommodate your preferences on the day, so decide up front and be ready to ask the right questions when you visit your venues. 


This will depend on how many people you plan on inviting, which is why starting with your guest list is a great idea. Most couples choose to recommend a few options for accommodation in the area for those who have far to travel or who don’t have a designated driver to get them home at the end of the night. 

A wedding hotel is the perfect choice for those looking to help their guests find accommodation. Many hotels will offer their couples a special room rate for their guests and a suite for the happy couple on their wedding night. 

Having your own room within the venue is also a huge benefit for getting ready before the ceremony, with many brides choosing to book a comfortable room to have their hair and makeup done the morning of the wedding. This can also be helpful for guests who want to pop back to their room throughout the evening to touch up their make-up, change their shoes and sometimes, have a quick rest before they resume the party.  

Many couples find that waking up and having breakfast with the people they love is a perfect end to a wonderful day had by all – the perfect opportunity to catch-up on all the memories and gossip from the previous day. 


This is important for many couples, few people have an endless budget and weddings can be expensive. It’s easy to understand why budgets often creep up, there’s so much to think about and it can be easy to get carried away with little personal touches, most people only get married once and so it’s important for everything to be perfect. 

If you’re on a tight budget then we would always advise on getting a budget document together. It might sound a little dull, but setting yourself a limit on how much you can afford to spend on your venue before you start looking can set your expectations and allow you to look at venues in the best price range for you. There are venues out there for all pockets and whether you hold your wedding in a castle or your own back garden, the day will still be perfect. 

If you’re organised, and have the time, then you can select a venue that’s a total blank canvas and source every detail personally to your own specific preferences. This is a particularly nice option for those who are great at crafts and can make decorations for themselves.  

If you’re looking for an easy option then a wedding package is something that many wedding venues offer and can take the stress out of having to source a caterer, a decorator and entertainment for the evening and quite often will include a glass of fizz for your guests too.  An all inclusive wedding venue is a good foundation and allows you the breathing space to focus on the personal touches, like decor, favours and the music for your ceremony. Many venues come with an in-house wedding planner, your go-to person to help you create your perfect day. 

At The Manor House Hotel Alsager, we want all of our couples to have a wonderful day that runs without a hitch! Our hotel is flexible enough to cater to weddings of most sizes and whilst our beautiful manor house can provide a rustic setting for those who would like it, our Alsager suite is classic and neutral – ready for you to put your stamp on it. Our wedding packages can be found on our website and our wedding coordinator is always happy to answer any questions you might have. Simply get in touch

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