Surprising Ways To Plan Your Perfect Post Covid Wedding

Surprising Ways To Plan Your Perfect Post Covid Wedding

The past year has been tough for brides and grooms but now it’s time to celebrate. Let us tell you how with this helpful guide. 

The Covid-19 pandemic saw many weddings cancelled in 2020. This is understandable, weddings are a fun way to be with the people you love and unfortunately that made social distancing a little tricky. Restrictions made it hard for couples to pick only one or two people to share their special day with and most preferred to wait until they could celebrate in style. 

Even now, couples are mindful of what lies ahead and whilst the future looks bright for getting married in 2021 and 2022, there are a few interesting ideas that can help brides and grooms plan their wedding more safely and get them down the aisle without having to wait for years. Whilst they’re always a good idea, face masks and hand wash aren’t the only safety measures you can take to protect your loved ones, take a look at these creative ideas for ensuring your wedding goes ahead in the new normal. 

Pick a midweek wedding

Whilst the day of the week won’t affect whether or not you stop the spread of Covid, having a mid-week weekend can ensure that there’s no further delay to getting married to the person you love. 

Weekends are often the first days to fill up in any venue’s calendar and many will need to honour weddings that were unable to go ahead in 2020. 

Weekday weddings can be a fun way to extend your day to a long weekend. Give your guests enough notice and they may want to combine the wedding with a weekend getaway or an opportunity to catch up with friends and relatives ahead or after the big day. 

Additionally, some venues will offer a discounted rate for weddings booked during the week, leaving you a few extra pounds to splash on extra drinks, your special dress or to tuck away for your dream honeymoon when travel is possible again. 

Go for a venue with an in-house wedding planner

With or without a pandemic, a wedding planner is always a good idea. This person can be instrumental in ensuring your day goes without a hitch and can co-ordinate timings, suppliers and help to put extra safety measures in place. 

This can be a life-line, even at the best of times. But during Covid, having someone at the venue who knows it well means that you don’t need to visit as often. They may be able to offer an additional viewing over a zoom call and once you’ve picked your florist and cake supplier, they’ll be able to coordinate with them directly so you have as little contact with people as possible. 

An in-house wedding planner will also know the venue intimately and can advise on where to place tables and seats if you’re concerned about your guests. They can work with you to put extra safety measures in place if you would like them and they’ll be able to help if you need to move your date for any reason. 

Go all inclusive

Going for a venue that offers a wedding package means that you are limiting the amount of contact you’ll have with various suppliers. Using a wedding venue that’s able to offer in-house catering, a bar and decor, makes life easier for you and avoids different people entering the venue who wouldn’t usually do so on the day. 

If staff are regular to the venue, they’ll be more familiar with safety measures that have been put in place for the pandemic and will help things to run smoothly for you and your guests. 

Hold your ceremony outdoors

If you are able to spend a part of your day outdoors, it will ensure your guests safety for longer and gives the vulnerable an opportunity to see you getting married, even if they then choose to leave after the ceremony. 

Outdoor wedding spaces can often be a little more flexible on seating, so guests can be spaced out a little more. And whilst the British weather might not allow you to hold your entire wedding outside, allowing your guests the opportunity to go outside at intervals through the day might put them at ease and allow them to truly enjoy the day. 

Keep it all in one place

If you can find a venue that you love, that also has accommodation on site, it limits the amount of new buildings you and your guests have to enter and the amount of people you’re likely to come into contact with. 

Hotels have had safety measures in place for much of Covid, so they’ll be well-versed in ensuring there’s ample sanitizer and face masks at hand. 

People have been used to being in their own space for over a year now, and being together again will be joyful but it also might be overwhelming for some. If you and your guests can stay on site, it will give them the chance to use their room to take a quiet moment if things get a little too much for them. 
At The Manor House Hotel, our Cheshire hotel wedding venue is a haven. We offer an all-inclusive wedding package, a beautiful outdoor space and accommodation all under one roof. The safety of our staff and your guests is always at the forefront of our mind and we always aim to make our couples and their guests as comfortable as possible. If you’d like to talk to our in-house wedding planner about our wedding packages then please get in touch.

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